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Kathleen is a tested, Certified Psychic & Tarot Grandmaster with a Masters Degree in the Psychology of Religion in Canada

Certified Psychic and Grandmaster Tarot Reader in CanadaKathleen is a tested and Certified Psychic and Grandmaster Tarot Reader & tarot tutor. She also holds an M.A. degree in the Psychology of Religion from Wilfrid Laurer University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She does Tarot Readings in Person in Oak Bay, Victoria, BC, and by distance through the Psychic Phone Reading and Psychic Chat Online.

Here you will have an opportunity to ask questions about your soul's purpose, love relationships, health choices, paths of study, or financial viability. Kathleen is skilled, educated and talented in the field of psychic readings. She is a rare and famous psychic in Canada.


Hi Kathleen,
Just wanted to say that you are damn good. You told me that I would be dating by or on March 21st and I had an amazing date on March 20th that spilled into the 21st. Very accurate all 'round.

Why have your fortune told by Kathleen?

Do you need a preview of your presently mapped future path? Do you need objective and professional assistance in making an important decision? Perhaps you are concerned about a loved one. Are you seeking relationship advice for a family or love relationship?

Kathleen can help you. Contact Kathleen.

For many seekers over the years, Kathleen's insights and forecasts have proven to be accurate and precise. Her clients are impressed with her thoughtful guidance and honesty. She can provide you with stimulating and sensitive guidance that will both excite and propel you with insights you won't find anywhere else.

Developing your own psychic gift?

You can arrange for a tutoring/guidance session on the phone, text chat or a private reading by appointment if you live or are visiting Oak Bay, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Read the testimonials from her clients, read her qualifications, look at the news and events page e-mail Kathleen at tarotbykathleen@gmail.com to arrange an appointment.

I am here to help you find your way to your true path to right purpose, fulfillment and awareness.

Contact this special fortune teller: tarotbykathleen@gmail.com

To arrange a professional distance Tarot reading with Kathleen, make a payment directly using your credit card below. Processing can take up to 2 hours depending on time of day and internet traffic. Once your payment has been made below email Kathleen to arrange a time to do your reading. Kathleen will respond to your payment within 24 hours to arrange an appointment time. Kathleen does NOT make appointments with clients until payments have been received. If you prefer to have your reading immediately you would be better served using the Ether method. Ether is Kathleen's immediate and emergency response service.

Length of Reading

Kathleen has a busy in person psychic tarot reading practice in Oak Bay, Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island, Canada. Her address is on Beach Dr. which runs along the coast line on the east coast of Victoria, just minutes from downtown Oak Bay Village.

To arrange an appointment with Kathleen if you are visiting or live in Victoria call 778-433-9145.

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